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Logical information flow, custom design, and attention to detail (including hidden extras like printer-friendly styles and search engine optimisation) are hallmarks of an Eye-Q website. We take the time to understand our clients' businesses and challenges, and then closely collaborate with them every step of the way. Our developments, whether simple micro sites or complex data management systems, are tailored to each client's particular goals, target audiences and corporate image.

Eye-Q is a small design house and we've chosen to keep it that way. We've been around since 1997, and have resisted expansion over the years so that we can personally attend to the needs of our clients, some of whom have been with us for nearly two decades. We have never advertised, preferring to rely on word-of-mouth referrals. In fact, we've deliberately "reverse-optimised" this portfolio of our work so that most people only find us by being told about us.

What we don't do: standard cookie-cutter WordPress websites - way too boring and commonplace.  We prefer to work in Joomla where we can do almost anything that is thrown at us, or in some of the latest non-CMS platforms,  depending on our clients' needs. You want to update your own website? No problem, we will train you. But in our 20 years' experience, not one single client has been able to maintain this, and all have come back to us saying they need to stick to their own knitting.

Featured Websites


Texwise Architectural Structures designs and builds tensile fabric or membrane structures. The client wanted a comprehensive one page website with a minimalist portfolio showcasing some of their latest work. The site is unusual in that it does not have a standard navigation bar.


Azura Retreats offers three luxury getaway destinations in Mozambique and Tanzania. The challenge was to integrate four websites with loads of information and numerous photo galleries, using a navigation protocol that functions as well on a mobile device as on a desktop.


Development & Training Strategies offers training courses specifically geared to the Travel Industry. The site provides details of the courses presented in various centres countrywide. In addition, DTS has started marketing some of their courses online, also developed by Eye-Q.

Cape 31

The Cape 31 is a newly-launched, high performance racing yacht for round-the-cans and coastal racing events. The website which includes some technical information and visuals, will eventually grow to include racing reports and full integration with various social media platforms.

Geneva Ad

This website displays the standard products of Geneva-Ad, a leader in the display system manufacturing industry. The website is an adaptation of their corporate brochure. The challenge was to adapt a set A4 print layout to a responsive web design where the layout cannot be fixed.

Chérie de Villiers

The online version of a Hydepark fine art gallery with works by featured artists. It is an important marketing tool for overseas clients who often buy on the strength of the displayed art. The site was designed with a minimalist look that maximises the impact of each artist's work.


This website is a product showcase for iQlaser, which specialises in the sale and service of professional drones, 3D measurement, digital scanning and reverse engineering solutions. The site includes links to videos, product brochures, and user stories. The home page highlights new products.


ZaaPay is an independent PSP (Payment Service Provider) using a leading multi-currency payment gateway. This brochure website outlines the services on offer. It is highlighted here as an example of a business website aimed at the Sub-Saharan market beyond the borders of South Africa.


Adceng, the largest LPG equipment provider in sub-Saharan Africa, sells a vast range of diverse products. A standard CMS product catalogue would not have been able to display the details or the layouts the client wanted, therefore each of the 100-odd product pages was crafted individually.

Van der Vyver Inc.

Van der Vyver Inc. is a firm of Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers specialising in Property Law. The client required a simple, modern, "one-page" design in black and white. This is an example of what we call a "business card" website with basic information and contact details.

TRM Supplies

TRM is a leading supplier of new and used machines to the sheet metal industry. Their website focuses on a custom-written search facility which is updated by the client in a separate admin module. It is backed up by a highly successful Google Ad campaign that generates useful leads.

Lethabo Le Kutso

LLK is a home-away-from-home providing specialised care in a safe environment for adults with Autism on completion of their schooling. 29 beneficiaries are registered for vocational and/or residential services. The website outlines the objectives and services this non-profit organisation offers.

Fabtec Skylite

Local skylight manufacturer and installer. The challenge in this site was to show the effects in a room once a skylight has been installed to best advantage. Photo manipulation does not show lighting correctly, so photos were taken in situ, with skylights covered to show the "before effect".

Highveld Honey

This company is the largest honey producer in Gauteng. The website reflects the diversity of services and products on offer. A Google Ad campaign drives searchers to pages offering bulk and raw honey products. In addition, articles on the fascinating topic of bees are added from time to time.


This truly African site has two key functions - to promote the sale of bungalows within a private nature reserve, and to keep existing members informed of the latest reserve news, rules and services. This 3rd generation site also contains a "hidden" CRM system for use by Reserve staff.

Our approach to Google Adwords campaigns is rather different from most other agencies. We strive to attract genuine, focused enquiries rather than aiming for as many indiscriminate click-thru's as possible. We do not simply send searchers off to your website to drift around aimlessly. We create individual landing pages with specific calls to action, utilising web forms and dedicated phone numbers for enquiries so that we can track conversions and ROI. We carefully monitor enquiries, and use the stats together with click-thru rates and costs to tweak, maintain and improve campaign performance. 

Google charges our clients directly for any click-thru's from their SERPs (search engine result pages) without any commission to Eye-Q. We charge for the campaign set-up, and the time it takes to monitor trends, manage campaigns, and generate monthly reports with feedback and recommendations.

Every client has a different target market, and not all Google Ad campaigns will work. If we don't think your product or service is suitable for this type of advertising, we will let you know upfront. 

Lead Generation Landing Pages